Dear Bowling Club Member

                               Following the recent Government guidance regarding the reopening of sports facilities, and more recently the specific guidance from our national bowling association the (EIBA), our doors will be opening and extending a warm welcome to all members from Tuesday 4th August.


Naturally many changes that effect both our staff and members are required and are currently under implementation to ensure everyone will be able to enjoy the facilities and be assured that they are in a safe environment.


I am sure that these changes will affect us all in some way and unfortunately they may not necessarily be well received by everybody but the decisions the Directors have taken are to try to ensure the safety of everyone  who comes to enjoy our club’s facilities. Inevitably there has been a cost to the club due to these preparations and session times will need to be changed to ensure social distancing for your safety.


I have tried to summarise the key points below, also attached to this letter is a club protocol which members and staff must follow at all times.


     1 From the reopening of the Bowling Club all bowling sessions will increase by .20p to

        £3.00 per game and all county club matches and national competitions increased


     2 The current format of some of the leagues will unfortunately need to change slightly to

        accommodate teams and player availability.

     3 The start time of the first session will be brought forward to 9.30am and start times

        throughout the day will be adjusted to allow 15minute intervals between each


     4 The club protocol attached outlines the specific one-way system to be used. Social

        distancing markers have been put in place and protective screens installed on the

        counters and hand sanitisers placed throughout the building. Wearing of face masks

        will be optional and for individuals to decide.

     5 For booking of rinks for all social bowling please ring the bowls club or speak to a

        member staff who will book you in accordingly.

     6 The office is only small and although adequate for most situations however we need to

       ensure that this space is only to be used by Simon, Tina and Michael to enable

       administrative work to be completed appropriately and safely.

    7 We are introducing a member card system available on your first arrival at the club and

       each member can add money to the card by debit/credit card or cash facility. Payment

       for rink fees, bar sales and general catering will be through your member card. Naturally

       members can still pay by cash although I am sure you will all appreciate the issue for

       our staff in handling significant amounts of loose change during the current safety

       concerns. There will be some catering changes (single sachet of sugar, salts etc which

       have become mandatory) that have had to be implemented to follow correct procedure

       leading to price increase however your member card will allow a discount to reward your

       loyalty to the bowling club.

    8 Several areas of maintenance have been completed during the closure period such as

       replacing fire doors and frames, decorating and deep cleaning of the premises.

    9 Key point for many members is the air conditioning system and fresh air within the

       building. We have serviced and disinfected the air conditioning system. To ensure fresh

      air in the building the original heater unit will be changed with the removal of the

      burners. Air vents in the suspended ceiling have been modified and additional ducting

      has been fitted to the extractor fans at the far end of the building. A timer switch will

      ensure the whole building will have a change of air supplied between each session.

 10 The Directors decided that despite the challenging circumstances of recent weeks that

      we will proceed to invest in the future of the club and to this end we will be installing a

      new electronic scoreboard system together with large screen monitors and computer

      control. Rink monitors will display the team names or the players names in the case of

      pairs games. There will be a keypad control at the end of each rink for recording each

      match score.

 11 Further details will follow on the now annual Captains Bowl-in and as many of you will

     know this year will see thirty years of indoor bowling and appropriate celebrations are in   

     the planning stages.


I fully appreciate change sometimes causes concern and perhaps we are unhappy or uncomfortable with the alterations, but our priority is to ensure the safety of our members and staff is at the heart of all the decisions that we have taken.


If there are any concerns or questions please contact Derek Blow (Chairman) on 01507 606508, 07721 738287 or e-mail dandablow@btinternet.com.