On entering the club everyone must wear a mask or visor until they are either seated with food or a drink or on the bowling green. When leaving the green the mask must be replaced until you leave the club.

The club will open at 9-00am daily for members and not before to allow time for the sanitizing of the building to take place prior to members entering the club. When entering and exiting the club please use the door on the right as you are travelling, there will be entry and exit signs, and follow the arrows and social distancing markers on the floor. There is a specific one-way system for moving around the club, shown on the enclosed diagram, and this must be followed by all members at all times. The toilets will be open but on a “One in one out” system, if the light is on do not enter unless you have just seen the person leave. The cloakrooms will have the doors wedged open and will be for hanging coats/jackets and not changing. There are to be no more than two members in at a time and you should follow the arrows around hang up your coat and leave as quickly as you can. Once you have entered the area of the building where the lockers are you must continue to walk in that direction even if you wish to return to the bar area.

The bowling green is to be entered from the scoreboard end at the start of a session. The green has been marked out with 4m T’s in pink and the minimum jack length, 23m, is marked by a pink spot and a pink marker on the side of the green. There are pink crosses at each end of the green to give members an idea of social distancing, each one is 2m apart and also 2m from people on the next rink. When changing ends players should walk up the right-hand side of the rink in line with the pink arrows which will give a 2m+ separation on your rink and adjoining ones. Whilst it would be ideal if no equipment was shared the following rules have been put in place to minimize shared equipment. Only the lead is to place the mat and at the completion of the end the skip is to remove the mat from the green. Whichever lead is to cast the jack should do so, there will be sanitizer at both ends of the green if required, and the skip should centre the jack with their foot. Any player who could be called on to measure should make sure they have one on them prior to starting the game as there will be no measure sharing. Touchers should only be marked with a spray chalk so players do not have to touch other players bowls.  The home team will mark the card and away team the board and members will need to bring their own pens as there will not be club ones to borrow. Club bowls lifters will be available to borrow but will need to be obtained from behind the bar and not shared. At the end of the game both mats, any lifters and the jack must be returned to the bar and left in appropriate boxes for sanitizing and a freshly sanitized set of mats and jacks will be put out for the next session. All social/competition rink bookings must be made on the phone or in person through a member of staff as there will be no handing out of the rink booking folder. When booking rinks people will be asked if they have read and understood these protocols and that they agree to adhere to them.

Any member attending the club but not bowling must book in and out at the counter with a member of staff to comply with the Government tack and trace policy. Any non-members must also leave a contact number, anyone bowling will be recorded on the rink sheet or game cards.

Anyone wishing to eat at the club will be seated in the dining room if free or at a bar table where their food, cutlery and individual condiments will be brought to them and table cleared and sanitized after.